Ideas for business in tourism industry - gourmet tram

unique business Travel industry is a business niche that usually reacts quickly to any change in demand and responds with new business ideas to all hot trends in tourism. This time we see growth in interest toward gastronomic tours that include both sightseeing and gourmet meals. Belgian travel agents decided to take a chance and came up with unique travel offer for visitors of Brussels. Tourists in Brussels are now able to combine a city tour and tasting of local dishes by ordering are trip in a special tram. This year Belgian capital city offers tourists to learn more about local cuisine by taking a ride in the tram, converted into a luxury restaurant. Six well-known Belgian chefs develop a new menu each 15 days. The tram-restaurant departs from Poelaert square from Tuesday to Thursday at 20:00, on Fridays and Saturdays - at 18:30 and 21:30 on Sundays - at 12:00. Journey lasts two hours, which allows traveller to enjoy an aperitif, appetizers, main course and dessert. Tram has 37 seats at tables for two and also few tables for four. The fare is 75 euros per person. Tram-restaurant seems to be a great business idea and, actually, I'm quiet surprised that it wasn't yet brought to life before. There are so many beautiful cities with well-developed tram routes which could benefit from it. Hopefully, they will pick up this unique business idea and bring it to new heights!

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