Top 5 unique hotels in Spain

Travelers who are tired of boring hotel rooms can find great alternatives in Spain. Bedouin tent, hut in the trees and much more – I have compiled a list of the most unusual hotels in Spain. Hotel Cabanes Als Arbres, located in the Catalan mountains of Montseny, 84 km north of Barcelona, has positioned itself as a place where childhood dreams come true. unique hotel This unique hotel consists of ten huts constructed on the trees and equipped for a comfortable relaxing holiday. The area of each "room" is about ten meters, and their daily rate ranges from 97 to 117 euros per night. An interesting experience awaits you in the Bedouin tent. Hotel Casa Rural Refugio Marnes offers its guests small but luxuriously furnished cabins, that have a bath and a kitchen and can accommodate up to four people. odd hotel At the same time hotel's guests do not have any neighbors around and can enjoy a relaxing stay tet-a-tet with nature. The cost of shelter for a week ranges from 400 euros to 650 euros. Hotel Enfrente Arte is an unusual hotel situated in the small town of Ronda. It combines traditional style with modern art and the funky elements. unique hotel Hotel is decorated with original art pieces and historical objects: the Fiat 500 car at the entrance, rooms devoted to Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury, old tires and a surfboard that had been converted into decorative elements. Rooms at this hotel cost around 80-120 euros per night with breakfast. Since its opening in the village Elsego in the heart of Rioja wine region, the Hotel Marqués de Riscal is one of the most exotic wine hotels in Spain. odd hotel It represents an impressive futuristic style building with metal tapes. Pink and purple hues of titanium ribbons symbolize wine while golden and silver - the specific design of Rioja wine bottles. However, the stay in this unique hotel does not come cheap: the room will cost 300 euros per night. Hotel Silken Puerta América Madrid in the capital of Spain is notable for the fact that each floor has its own design: futuristic red plastic, black marble, classical wooden panels aetc. Room prices are ranging from 150 to 3200 euros. weird hotel

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