unusual vending machine Vending business has been successfully developing for the past few decades and continues to maintain its dynamic growth. The popularity of this business niche among small business entrepreneurs is very high and new business ideas for vending machines appear regularly. The idea of 24 hour Cupcake Automat vending machine belongs to Candace Nelson, the owner of Sprinkles bakery, Los Angeles. This unique business idea came up to Candace when she was pregnant: she suddenly realised that she wants some sweet pastry and wants it badly, but it was in the evening and all bakeries in the neighbourhood were closed. That's when she decided to launch a network of cupcake vending machines. The project proved to be successful, so soon Cupcake Automats will be installed in NYC city centre and in Manhattan. Advantages of vending business are obvious: high efficiency, minimal start-up investments, huge savings on wages and commercial space rental. All this makes vending trade a very attractive idea for business.

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