New ideas for business - One Day One Chef restaurant

unique restaurant Restaurant business is among the most flexible business markets. Restaurateurs are always ready to adopt new business ideas to attract new customers and get additional advertising. Some of them invest in interiors, others invent unique dishes for their menu, but there, actually, can be a much easier way to make your restaurant noticed. "Un Jour, Un Chef" (eng. "One Day One Chef") is a Paris based restaurant with truly unique concept: each night they invite a new chef, young and creative, to their kitchen. Situated close to Bastille Square, the 50-cover restaurant has all of the necessary equipment and the chef for the night can have a complete control of ingredients, menu design and the cooking process. If invited chef is not experienced enough to manage the kitchen alone, then he gets support from the professionals at the restaurant. Aspirant chefs can get involved as little or as much as they'd like, depending on their confidence. A 3 course dinner at "Un Jour, Un Chef" costs 30 EUR (around $50). This concept is very beneficial for a restaurant. First of all inviting a young chef doesn't cost a cent as these young professionals get a unique chance to be head chefs for the night and are grateful for this experience. Besides, thus restaurant can discover hidden talents. And guests have their part of benefits – surprise-dinner for a very reasonable price.

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