Successful IT business idea - candy community

unique social network The prevalence of social networks on the Internet is obvious. Previously the search engines prevailed on the World Wide Web, but currently the weight of the social networks is growing. And their role is increasing rapidly. Currently themed social networks are among the most successful IT business ideas and new interesting sites appear regularly. Students of the University of Colorado created a candy community startup - The main objective of the developers is to create a platform that will allow users from different countries to find the desired sweets and to share them. The idea of creating this unique IT business belongs to a student from Switzerland Jürg Shepp, who went to study in US. There he discovered a lot of delicious sweets which can't be bought in Switzerland and started to send them to friends and relatives back in Europe as sweet souvenirs from America. Once in this country, he began to send delicious chocolates to your friends and family. At the moment this unique social network is in beta testing and will be launched in late April. Nevertheless hundreds of users from all over the world already joined the community. Themed social network business niche is a market that still has lots of money in and lots of space for new business ideas to come. Just grab one of unique ideas in the air and bring it to life!

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