Business in Pajama: Top 5 home business ideas, vol.2

home based business My blog's statistics show that recently the most popular posts were about home business ideas. The balance of work/life has got very important for every working citizen and more and more of us opt for working from home either then spending the biggest part of the day at the office. So, this is your story, then check another 5 interesting home business opportunities to start with straight away! 1. Unique kid's clothes Children goods industry is a booming market with millions of dollars still waiting to be earned. And there's also a space for small home-based business, as demand for unique kid's clothes for reasonable money is always high. Monkey Toes Colorado-based company owned by mumpreneur Jenny Ford is a great example of successful small business on kid's clothing. She started her business back in 2002 by drawing the first design for the shoes of her own daughter. It seems very cute and soon Monkey Toes entered market with a line of animal and insect-themed footwear for children. Company has no office, Jenny manages it without leaving home. 2. Insurance business Insurance may not be the most exciting business niche, but have plenty of work from home opportunities. Chris Jordan was once an employee at corporate insurance company, but then he decided to leave the office work and launched Atlanta Insurance Live, a home-based sole proprietorship that works with clients online. All negotiations are done via live chats on his website and this new business model attracts young and active customers. 3. Personal fitness consultant There is a growing business trend on this market – more and more people invite fitness instructors at home instead of going to gym. is a project based on this trend. The site allows to get all necessary advices, training program and much more online. Trainers create customized workouts for clients and are fully available to them via phone, e-mail, and IM. Members can work out at home and it costs less then monthly gym membership. 4. Virtual assistant As a number of home-based businesses increase, the job of virtual assistant get more and more demanded. Tawnya Sutherland owns – a large social network for virtual assistants. It is a place where assistants share information, exchange ideas, and discuss industry best practices. All members have home based work and so does Tawnya. By the way, the number of community members have tripled for the last few years and that proves that a job of virtual assistant is a truly promising home based career. 5. Bargain hunting website People love shopping. Probably as much as they love shopping on sales, getting some special deals and using coupons. Mumpreneur Karen Hoxmeier owns – a site that publishes daily deals and coupon codes for shopping sites all over the Web. She works from home, doing what she loves and gets paid for it. Isn't it a dreams job? Well, it definitely is for the majority of stay-at-home mums! Check also: Business in Pajama: Top 5 home business ideas, vol.1

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