Top 3 funny pizza box designs

funny pizza box There are various interesting business ideas for pizza fans on my blog. The most popular posts are about funny pizza boxes – "Top 5 unusual pizza box designs" and "Porno Pizza". Today I'll add another 3 interesting pizza box designs to my collection. By the way, two of them are juts the ideas, that has not yet been realized and are waiting for someone to come and get them! # 1 Pizza box table funny pizza box Pizza is usually eaten on the sofa, in front of TV, right? But unfortunately it's not that comfortable and you may spoil your sofa by spilling the sauce. Pizza box that is converted into a small table is the best solution and a great advantage when trying to win over the competitors. # 2 Chess pizza box funny pizza box Pizza is frequently ordered for a party or friend gatherings, so it's not only about satisfying the hanger, it's also about having fun. Pizza box with chessboard on top is just what you need! I wonder why this great business idea has not yet been realized. # 3 Green pizza box socially responsible business A solution for socially responsible business: pizza box that easily converts into several serving plates and a little box to keep the leftovers. Less waste, less harm to Mother Nature!

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