First hand interview. Jon Basso, “Heart Attack Grill”: “Create an "interesting" product or service and you will not have to advertise it”

small business owner The biggest advantages of starting a unique business is the absence of competitors and the fact that you won't have to work too hard and spend too much on promotion. Though there's always the other side of the coin and in case of unique business it is the incomprehension or even negative reaction of society. Jon Basso, the owner of unique fast food restaurant "Heart Attack Grill" shares his thoughts on advertising and advices to aspiring entrepreneurs. 1. How did you come up with an idea to open a restaurant with such controversial concept? We just love to have fun. A big part of fun is eating fatty food. 2. The whole world is going crazy about healthy living and healthy diet. Do you receive letters or calls from angry people criticizing your restaurant? How do you feel about that? I receive lots of hate mail everyday. I don't even read it. I've learned that too many people in this world are far to ignorant to enjoy their life by living for the day. 3. How do you advertise your restaurant? Or maybe this unique idea made its way through word of mouth, blogs and social networks? 100% word of mouth. We've NEVER spent a penny on advertising. 4. Recently one of your restaurant visitors suffered a heart attack and this information even got into newsletters. Do you agree with the opinion that any publicity is good publicity? No that is not true. ONLY interesting publicity is good publicity. 5. What would you advice to aspiring entrepreneurs? Create an "interesting" product or service up front and you will not have to advertise it. If you try to create a "quality" product or service you'll spend more than you'll ever make in advertising.

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