Unique online business niche - dating for shoes

unique online dating There may be hundreds of different criteria to match up a pair for romantic date. Some of them are already in my collection: dating based on literal taste, matching up people who don't want to engage in sexual intercourse etc. But this time I've found a truly unusual IT business idea for dating site. Unique dating service in Malaysia called Shoe Dating matches couples up based on the same taste in women's shoes. Show store in Kuala Lumpur Shoes Shoes Shoes joined promotional forces with an online dating website called Lunch Actually to pair shoe buying women in exchange for a date and a 10% discount. If they are lucky, their online hero might even pay for their purchases in the Kuala Lumpur store. It all happens easy: men pick out 20 pairs of shoes on the dating site that they would love to see on a woman and commit to pay 10-100% of the shoe purchase. When a woman buys one of the actual pair of shoes, online matchmakers at Lunch Actually make a match. Lunch Actually's owner Violet Lim owner is very excited about this unique marketing campaign and is pretty sure about its success. This promotional campaign seems to be a bit too sexist and probably there will be quiet a lot of women who won't even come close to the shoe shop which advertises in this way. Yet „shoe fetishism" is quiet a usual thing for young ladies, so this promotional might really prove to be a successful idea.

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