Blog for money: vol.1 - how to blog?

blog for money - "Can I make money on blogging?" - "Yes" is the answer of many people who already earn their living on blog. I'm pretty sure that most people dream about passive income. It's possible, but not for everyone. According to Steve Paulina, only about 1% of people can turn their blog into a good and only source of income as blogging involves much more then just beeing able to read and write. To blog for money you need to have at leats basic knowledge of several web technologies, such as HTML, CSS, PHP, RSS, feed aggregators, search engine optimization, social networks, contextual advertising, affiliate programs etc. Besides, you have to take your work seriously, have strong desire, persistence and patience as even if you make good posts and work on blog's promotion you'll still have to wait for first results to appear. For instance I've started to earn some money on my blog only in about a year after launching it. Does this all sound complicated? Well, nothing is impossible with a bit of luck and lots of hard work! Before creating a blog, carefully think over each and every detail! First of all the subject of the blog. You should be interested in writing about the chosen topic as otherwise it will turn to be a hard, boring and unpleasant work. But be carefully when choosing the topic as it shouldn't be too specific. If you like growing cactuses on your windowsill, then this could be a good theme for blog, but you'll hardly ever get a truly large number of readers. In this case you better choose something like "garden on the windowsill" and write about different flowers and plants, thus expanding the potential auditory. Secondly, hosting and domain. Internet is full of platforms such as livejournal or where anyone can write whatever he/she wants. Yet if you decided to blog for cash, then don't use the free versions. They are very limited in terms of editing content and advertising. When choosing a domain name pay attention to this issue, pick a name that would express the content of your blog. It should also be short and easy to remember. This can help drive traffic to the blog. Third, the software for the blog. I would personally recommend WordPress as a very convenient platform for blogging. In addition to installing WordPress, you need to choose a design (theme) for your blog and alter it a little to your taste and needs. As soon as you have decided on the theme, hosting, domain and installed WordPress, you'll only have to regularly post interesting articles and pay attention to SEO (search engine optimization). This means you'll have to write posts based on the right keywords and put tags appropriate for the theme of your blog. After writing the first few posts send out the address of your blog to your friends, so they would take a look and comment. Your friends might be your first regular visitors and commentators. Comment on other people's blogs on similar topics, leaving links to your blog. From time to time, write articles for popular resources on your topic (if they provided the possibility of guest posting) and be sure to put a link to your site such as "Here you will find other articles on this topic ->". If the resource is popular and your article will be interesting, you can get a certain amount of regular visitors to your blog. The art of getting paid to blog is not easy and you'll need time to posses it, but opportunity to work from home and to be your own boss is worth every hour! My next article will be about "How to make money blogging" and will have a list of income sources for bloggers such as affiliates etc. Stay tuned!

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