Top 3 home based business ideas

work from home According to Google statistics and my own observations the number of searches for home business ideas keeps growing each year. Many people are tired of corporate disciplines, working 8-5 and sitting at the office even if there's no work to do. Although home based business requires high self-discipline, motivation and sense of purpose, it seems like the only and best solution. If you also consider leaving your full-time job to work on your sofa without taking your pajama off, then here are 3 inspiring stories for you to check. 1. Virtual publishing house Russian journalist Maxim Kotin owns a home based publishing house called Hocus-Pocus, which specializes in pulp fiction books sold exclusively in the AppleStore. Products are virtual and so is the office. Kotin have to get out of the house only to meet with authors, but most of the work (searching for new authors, correspondence, and editing) is done at home. His eight employees (designers, managing editors, programmer etc.) also work from home. 2. AgroFarm or home based restaurant Rynn Caputo, formerly a senior manager at Johnson and Johnson, was tired of the corporate grind. On the first night of her honeymoon in Tahiti, Rynn and her husband David met two chefs, each of whom owned an Italian restaurant back in the States and she thought this is a sign. After a 6-month culinary course in Italy and some traveling around the country the couple bought a 193-year-old stone farmhouse in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania. In July 2011, the couple launched Caputo Brothers Creamery (named for their two sons). Business is booming and their cheeses are already sold in many of US top cheese shops. Now Rynn and David can work from home and enjoy their life. Another idea for home-based gourmet business is a home restaurant or puertas cerradas (closed doors) as they call them in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Actually this is one the latest restaurant business trends – people love to have a dinner in homey atmosphere in a real living room behind a nondescript door. Such business lets you play with culinary, work from home and be very flexible. 3. Language school via Skype 24-year-old teacher of French language from Volgograd, Russia, Maria Ganenkova opened her online language school about a half years ago. She graduated from Volgograd Pedagogical University and involved her university mates and colleagues in this small business. Currently the school employs 100 teachers (both foreigners and the newly graduates - their level of skills depends on the price of the lesson), and Maria fulfills the duties of coordinator.

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