Great business idea – letters in the mail box

unique business Nowadays, when Internet conquered each and every sphere of our life, written letters became history. You'll hardly find an American, Australian or European who still uses letters as a serious way of communication. Yet there is a certain charm in finding an envelope in your mailbox, opening, touching the paper, reading it while sipping morning coffee... US based book club The Rumpus decided to give printed correspondance another chance, to revive this long-forgotten genre. The Rumpus launched new project called Letter in the Mail: all site's users will now have a chance to get paper letters in their mail box some 3-4 times a month. Letters will be written by popular site's authors, such as The Rumpus editor Dave Eggers, comedian Margaret Cho, graphic novelist Dean Haspiel and author Jonathan Ames etc. and will have a form of single short story, packed in the envelope, signed and stamped. Monthly subscription is available for $5. According to site owners, the response to this new business idea was overwhelming – more then 1500 people subscribed to the service within first few weeks. It looks like people still miss reading letters and are willing to pay for this pleasure. Why wouldn't use it to build up a successful business?

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