Successful business in crisis - mobile barber shop

Everette Blaisdell barber stop There is a good English saying "A blessing in disguise". My today's post is about a unique small business idea that appeared out of a big disaster. Everette Blaisdell from Grand Forks, ND, was a successful owner of his own barbershop until massive flood destroyed the whole centre of this small town. He was left with no job, but didn't give up and brought to life a very interesting business idea. Everette rented a small area of 4 square meters in women's clothing store to start a new barber shop, but soon realized that this small space should be transformed in something more attractive. That's how a mobile barber shop's kiosk Barber Stop was created. Barber Stop is a self-contained, barber shop kiosk to be placed in high traffic areas. It is designed for the independent barber who already has own clientele and for those beginners who just look to set up with clientele in a visible location. All you need to start working is a 110-volt outlet as hot and cold water is already available in a self-contained sink system. When not in use, the kiosk's sliding door locks to secure all equipment inside for safe storage. Nowadays mobile business is a new business trend, growing rapidly and conquering new business markets. Besides, in times of economic crisis it's extremely important to be flexible and mobile as well as to be able to start business with minimal investments. Barber Stop offers it all so I'm pretty sure this idea for business will get a well-deserved popularity.

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