Young entrepreneurs tread upon the hills of business gurus

young millionaires The fact that business nowadays is no longer a prerogative of educated adults is evident. More and more students, teenagers and even school kids jump into small business. Well, damn right! The earlier you start, the more chances you have to become a young millionaire with whole life in front of you and all doors open. Harli Jordean, eight year old boy, lives in London. While all his school friends spend all day watching TV or playing computer games, Harley search for suppliers and creates his own business empire, online toy store. Harli went into business in an innocent age of 6, when he started to trade marbles with his friends on playground and found out that the demand is really high. Soon he opened an online store and now he even has to employ his mum and two older brothers to help cope with growing IT business. The company is turning over thousands of pounds each year with orders coming from all over the world. At the same time Harli goes to elementary school, but manages everything, and even plans the future of his company. "My friends love that I have my own business. At first some of them didn't believe me - but they do now. They are some of my best customers." he says. Harli sure is a unique boy and with such sense of purpose his small business has all chances to grow into something really massive. Lets wait and see.

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