Great business idea - time capsule

interesting business idea There is a long-standing tradition of placing goods or information in a safe container to commemorate your special day – time capsule. Making a time capsule helps you to save your memories for future or even to „speak" to your descendants. Any jar or pot can serve as a time capsule, but I'm sure that the majority of people would like to "encapsulate" their memories in a more elegant way. This interesting business idea started back in 1992 by Jeff McCarty from Indiana, US. The Original Time Capsule Company offers beautifully designed time capsules to save your memorabilia for years or even decades. To commemorate the special day, just gather the items that would remind you of this time, such as local daily newspaper, a CD with music, photographs, checks etc. Put them in a plastic bag, place inside the time capsule, push the lid down securely and affix the seals. Time capsule kit includes the "Do not open till…" sticker, envelopes, stickers and labels for video tapes and photo albums, blank for "Message to the Future" etc. There are 2 types of time capsules available: Baby's Time Capsule and Our Wedding Time Capsule, both are 12" tall x 6.5" wide and cost $29.95 including the shipment. Selling time capsules seems a very promising small business, as wedding and birth of a baby are truly precious moments that everyone wishes to commemorate. And if you offer them to do it in a nice and easy way for a mere sum of money, then your offer is very likely to be accepted.

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