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small business idea Nowadays traditional printed newspapers are fighting hard to keep their place in the sun, competing with online media sources. This battle requires new business ideas and innovative approach, so offline media adopt new formats – go online; launch blogs; interactive editions, where readers can compile their own news feed; personalized subscription etc. Nevertheless there are newspapers, which go against the trend and bring online content to offline readers. The Printed Blog – is Chicago based company that publishes free newspapers that includes posts from different popular blogs all around US. The purpose of Printed Blog is to choose the most interesting online content and present it to readers in an offline version. Besides articles newspaper features regular news, photos as well as some comments from blog readers. The Printed Blog has already received permission from 300 bloggers to use their posts in exchange for a percentage of advertising revenue. The Printed Blog is a relatively new project, but it already proved to be successful small business - 15 advertisers have signed advertising contracts. First edition of the Printed Blog was quickly sold out in Chicago and San Francisco, so I have no doubts that this interesting business idea will make its way and successfully develop.

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