New business idea - deodorized denim

scented denim Over the past few decades jeans conquered the entire world. High-waisted jeans and jeans on the hips, flared jeans and skinny jeans - the style is changing, but this jeans are always a must-have in any wardrobe. Surprisingly, manufacturers of denim garments did not seek to introduce new technologies though this might give new life to this well-known clothing item. In the beginning of February Canadian Montreal-based company Naked & Famous Denim released its latest invention - raspberry scented men's jeans. Microcapsules filled with perfume are baked right into the denim and when you scratch the pants (or jeans rub against other surfaces while sitting, for example), the perfume is released, leaving behind a fruity trail. Company claims that the raspberry scent can endure at least five washes. Suggested retail price is $150. Raspberry scented jeans look just like normal denim pants – 5 pockets, indigo colour, and straight leg model. So, with quiet a biting price, I'm not very sure if these innovative jeans will be sold out quickly. Still this is a very interesting business idea and with a bit of luck and quality marketing it can turn into a good source of income.

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