IT business idea - dating for book warms

online business idea For the last decade online dating service was a very profitable business, which stills shows significant growth in number of market participants each year. While traditional online dating services rest on laurels, nimble newcomers rely on fresh ideas. The US online dating site has chosen a unique formula of pairing users – dating based on book tastes. In other words - "Tell me what you read, and I'll tell you who you are". Upon registering for this service, users specify a list of your favourite books and describe what they like about them and then system picks out users with similar literary tastes. However, the traditional picture and brief biography is also used. At the moment there are only few thousand users in the database, but I'm pretty sure it will grow fast as reading is really a thing that can unite people quickly and easily. Besides, there are already several online dating services for dating based on musical tastes and the choice of movies, so making one based on book tastes was very logical.

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