First hand interview. Jenn de la Vega, Randwiches „Don't get caught up in websites that you don't use yourself”

randwiches One of the keys to business success is to do something you really enjoy, something that will bring you not only profits, but also pleasure and satisfaction. Jenn de la Vega from Randwiches follows this rule and is ready to share her experience and advices with aspiring entrepreneurs who are still on their way to jump into business. 1. How long have you been working in catering business and when did the idea of randwiches appear? I've been an event caterer with other companies for almost 4 years. The idea that later became Randwiches started January 2011. 2. How did the idea of random sandwiches appeared? I started to surprise my friends with lunch and they started telling their friends. I did not have money to keep buying the ingredients out of pocket, so I started to request pre-payment using Venmo. I never like to accept tips, so I ask customers to tweet or use social media to spread the word. 3. The „Randwich" project is more like a marketing trick to promote your catering business or it is a commercial project that helps to grow business? Randwiches are an exercise in both kitchen creativity and marketing (which are two careers I have). 4. Did you advertise randwiches or this unique idea made its way through word of mouth, blogs and social networks? Yes, it's all been through word of mouth and social. 5. What would you advice to aspiring entrepreneurs? Don't get caught up in websites that you don't use yourself. Don't feel pressured to have an account on every site. Just practice a few that work for your internet habits. Twitter if you like short updates, tumblr if you use video / audio or Facebook for a hybrid of the two. Or another way is to look at where your potential customers are hanging out online.

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