Idea for business on Valentine's Day - edible bouquet

edible bouquet Valentine's Day is a beautiful celebration of love and passion, but it is also a treasure island for shifty entrepreneurs who have interesting business ideas somehow related to this romantic day. And some of these ideas are truly unique and deserve a separate post. Olympic Provisions Restaurant in Portland, Oregon announced a special V day offer: restaurant's customers can buy a very special Valentine's Day bouquet – beautifully decorated bunch of salami. Those who would like to make their loved ones a fancy yet very useful bouquet can order a composition of three or six pieces of salami. Price varies from $75 for a small bouquet and up to $100 for bouquet of 6 salami sticks. Delivery is arranged by the member of The Tumblers music band, who will not only hand in the special bouquet to recipient, but also perform a song called "Love Is Where The Meat Is". I have no dates about whether this cool business idea proved to be commercially successful or not, but it sure provided Olympic Provisions Restaurant with a certain portion of media attention. And this is always beneficial!

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