Idea for pet business - pet taxi

pet business Pet business is a market with so many yet undisclosed opportunities. Animals are still very far away from their owners in terms of consumption, but situation is rapidly changing. People tend to project their own habits and demands on their pets and that open up broad prospects for new business ideas on this market. Pet taxi is a service that consists of transporting a pet to and from veterinarian and grooming appointments or any other pet related locations during times that are not convenient for the owner. Driver can also stay with your pet during the entire visit to the vet or hairdresser, to assure pet's emotional and physical comfort. Pet taxi companies usually offer air-conditioned vehicles and professional drivers experienced in animal handling. According to Euromonitor International and the Global Pets Forum 2009, the global market of pet services in 2009 was estimated at $ 70 billion. Even in times of crisis in 2009 the market of pet goods and services increased by 3%. These numbers are pretty convincing and prove once again that pet business is a promising business niche waiting for new entrepreneurs to come.

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