Top 10 Russian IT business ideas

In December 2011 I posted a top of interesting IT business ideas from Russia. For a long time it was among the most popular posts on my blog, so I decided to give you another portion of online business ideas from Russia. Some of them have no analogues in UK, US and Australia, so this top will be a good fuel for thought. A. Button of life Button of Life ( – first Russian medical alarm system, emergency assistance for the elder people and people with disabilities. B. Local goods E-shop for busy citizens to buy healthy products grown in local villages and farms. 3. Flower vending machine "FLOMAT" Flomat - a showcase type vending machine selling flowers. Compiled on the basis of a modular system - cells of different heights forming racks, rack survey form, a transparent display case. Cells can be with three sectors for the three smaller items or nine single buds. The cooling unit maintains a microclimate that is required to keep flowers fresh. 4. 3D-Wardrobe Interesting business idea - online 3D-visualization of a wardrobe. The target audience are online clothing stores, offline clothing stores, clothing manufacturers in the middle and premium price segments. 5. Site that sells electronic gift certificates. 6. Mia Doll Online store selling same clothing and accessories for younger girls and their dolls. Dolls have different hairstyles and hair colour, which will allow parents to pick up the doll, that is most similar to their daughter. 7. Site that allows visitors to find accommodation during their trip to Russia. 8. Mobile Dairy Cuisine Mobile Dairy Cuisine - a special kit for children on artificial feeding, which allows to prepare milk, juice, porridge in few seconds, just before meal time. Everything happens easy, quick and in compliance with all hygiene requirements. 9. International Transport Exchange ( Accessible information on carriers with possibility to find a carrier with lowest possible prices in real-time. Users can also search for free transport in Gruzolot Locator section - system determines the location of truck over the coordinates of the cell phone. 10. First Russian social alarm service offering wake up calls from strangers, usually of the opposite sex. This IT business idea is very similar to the Talk O'Clock service that already works in US.

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