Business on wheels - mobile book store

mobile book store XXI century puts new challenges to business: tough economic situation and decline in demand for the majority of goods and service due to world economic crisis demands creativity and non-standard vision from all entrepreneurs. While many search for new ideas for new business, some take old and time-tested to present them in completely new innovative way. That's what my today's post is about. Anna Tikhomirova, mompreneur from Russia, mixed up the all the things that she loves (children, business and travelling) and started an unusual business on wheels. "Bumper" - is a repaired and renewed city bus Mercedes. Outside it is covered with colourful graffiti drawings, but inside it is equipped a real book store on wheels: shelves, racks, sofas, lighting, and approximately 1,500 children books, laid out by topics. Store's team consists of one driver and one seller with psycho-pedagogical education, who helps buyers to choose right books according to the age and needs of their children. "Bumper" travels around the city, selling books in the busy places like central park or local schools. I don't know if there are any mobile book stores in US or Europe, but it is definitely a new business idea for Russia. Considering relatively low current expenses and mobility of such book store, it has good chances to turn into successful business.

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